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Why Alliance

Alliance have been in the industry since 2006 and have built up an extremely good reputation in the market as one of the most reliable products, backed by Fourways Airconditioning who have over 20 years industry experience. Alliance products are of high quality and cost effective. Alliance residential and light commercial aircon products also carry a 5 year warranty that is backed by the Fourways Aircon four+1 brand.

'Service is what we sell'

Ultimately, our rapid growth comes down basically to one word: ‘service’. We have excellent products, but it is our on-the-spot supply capabilities combined with design assistance, technical back-up and long-term after-sales parts supply that have combined to make us one of the largest Airconditioning/Heat Pump suppliers in South Africa. We are constantly looking for new ways of improving our service to our customers, because service is what we sell.

Our mission

To provide our dealers (and customers) with the best quality units, backed up by the best service and marketed by top-class people in a responsible and strategic manner.

Our vision

To become the Number 1 Supplier of Airconditioning and Heat Pump units, spares and service in South Africa.

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