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Sweating to solve a complex problem - Sancardia Mall Pretoria Gym

Sancardia Mall Pretoria Gym

The owners of a new gym at Sancardia Mall Pretoria were sweating even before the gym opened. Reason: the 2400 litre boiler they had ordered to supply hot water for the change rooms could not be manufactured before the opening in a month’s time. The project, carried out by Air Cycle, called in the expertise of Fourways Airconditioning who came up with the answer. 200-litre geysers were readily available, so 6 were positioned for the men’s change room and 6 for the ladies’ one, making a combined 2400 litres of water storage. However, the cumulative electricity usage of all 12 in operation would have worked out extremely expensive so two 10kW Alliance Commercial Heat Pump Water heaters were installed. With a COP of 4.1, these Alliance Water Heaters have cut potential electricity usage down by approximately 75% as compared with the amount the electric element geysers would have used.

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