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Eco-friendliness as well as reducing electricity consumption have become critical issues in today's world. Extensive International Research and Development is continually contributing to Alliance products becoming more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Increasing numbers of our airconditioners are utilising eco-friendly R410A gas, while our Inverter models are saving up to 40% of electricity running costs.

Many thousands of our Heat Pump Water Heaters have already been installed in South Africa, cutting water heating costs by two-thirds or more, and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Saving electricity, saving money, and helping to save our resources: that's Alliance's philosophy.

Go Green - Save Electricity!

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For the sake of our planet - not to mention our own pockets - we all need to embrace 'green' technology. One of the biggest electrical savings we can make is in the area of water heating. A geyser can contribute almost 40% of total household electricity costs - and sometimes even more!

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