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Getting students into hot water - University of Johannesburg Newtown

Johannesburg university

To enable students to live in town near the University of Johannesburg, old grain silos in Newtown have been converted into dwellings. Hot water was being supplied by an older system consisting of 3 x 3000-litre hot water storage tanks heated by a ‘circulation type’ heat pump. However, during the winter of 2015 this could not keep up with hot water demand.

Elemental Energy were called in and after careful calculation and measurements, recommended a ‘direct heating’ 80kW Alliance Heat Pump – the first one to be installed in South Africa. The main problem with the hot water supply was a peak demand time of around 3 hours when water temperature dropped. But because of the direct heating-type operation of the Alliance Commercial Heat Pump, it immediately supplements the supply by at least 1000 litres of instant hot water per hour during peak draw time, even during worst-case winter ambient temperatures. Problem solved!

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