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Energy-saving focus helps ensure success of new development - Ponders End

Ponders End

A Renico project, Ponders End 186-unit complex is situated in Helderkruin, with one of its big attractions being an emphasis on energy saving. Renico installed 186 Alliance Heat Pump Water Heaters, supplied by Fourways. With a COP of 3.7, the Heat Pumps reduce water-heating costs by two-thirds or more resulting in substantial electricity-savings for owners.

Hollywood apartments, Gauteng keeps water-heating costs low

Hollywood apartments

The requirement was to install a Heat Accumulator system, heated by Heat Pumps in this residential building. Solsquare installed a 10 000 Indirect Heat Accumulator storage vessel, with 3 x 42kW Alliance Heat Pumps plus an in-line heater as backup, successfully meeting tenant’s requirements.

The Atrium, Gauteng cuts potential water-heating costs by two-thirds

The Atrium

A new residential building required 18 000L of hot water to be supplied to its apartments. The solution was to install 3 x 6 000L steel storage vessels with 5 x 42kW Alliance Heat Pumps plus electrical backup. This project was carried out by Solsquare.

Ensuring economical hot water for eight 4-storey blocks? Elemental - The Village

The Village

When Elemental Energy tendered for the supply of an energy-efficient water heating system for The Village, a new multi-storey development in Centurion, their recommendation was Alliance Direct Heating Heat Pumps.

‘Actually, we’ve used Alliance Heat Pumps for about 5 years now,’ remarks Bruce Thomas, MD of Elemental Energy. ‘We’ve always liked their product quality, along with the excellent back-up service provided by Fourways Airconditioning.’

A 4500-litre tank mounted on the roof of each of the 8 blocks was used, with a ring main system to ensure virtually instant hot water to each of the units in the apartment blocks.

Because Alliance Commercial Heat Pumps are ‘direct heating’, water temperature at the outlet of each Heat Pump remains consistently high - 50°C to 60°C depending on setting – no matter how heavy the water draw-off. An 80kW Alliance Commercial Heat Pump was connected to each insulated tank, with a separate pump taking care of the recirculating ring main system.

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